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Note: This online database does not include our confidential data. If you would like to create a new gene symbol and name, the only way to confirm it as unique is by contacting us.


SpeciesNumber of GenesGenes With Nomenclature
Gallus gallus 25097
Approved: 3192
Automatic: 21905
Pending: 12
In Review: 53
Total: 25097

Last automatic update performed on November 15, 2012

Standard Download

Click here for a tab delimited file containing all CGNC public data. The fields in the file are: CGNC ID, Entrez Gene ID, Ensembl Gene ID, gene symbol, gene name, gene synonym, curation status and last edit date.

Custom Download

Note: Checked columns will be included in a tab delimited file for your download. The columns will be ordered as in the list below.

Columns to IncludeSpecies to IncludeRecords to Include
(required)CGNC ID Automatic
Entrez Gene IDPending
Entrez Gene VersionIn Review
Ensembl IDApproved
Gene Symbol
Gene Name
Gene Synonym
Curation Status
Last Edit Date

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