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About the CGNC

Who are we?

The Chicken Gene Nomenclature Consortium (CGNC) is an international group of researchers interested in providing standardized gene nomenclature for chicken genes. Initially chicken genes were assigned via orthology based upon identification of strict 1:1 orthologs by CGNC-UK researchers. We are now working to check this nomenclature and assign additional nomenclature via manual biocuration from biocurators and interested contributors. We strongly encourage researchers with domain knowledge to participate in this nomenclature effort by requesting a login and providing gene nomenclature for their genes of interest. Please contact us for further information or assistance.

The CGNC works in conjunction with public resources such as NCBI and Ensembl and in consultation with existing nomenclature committees, including the Chicken Gene Nomenclature Committee (CGNC). The Avian and Chicken nomenclature efforts are co-ordinated and chicken data is shared between these two groups.

Why Gene Nomenclature?

Comparative genomics is an essential component of the post-genomic era. The chicken genome is the first avian genome to be sequenced and it will serve as a model for other avian species. Moreover, due to its unique evolutionary niche, the chicken genome can be used to understand evolution of functional elements and gene regulation in mammalian species. However comparative biology both within avian species and within amniotes is hampered due to the difficulty of recognising orthologs and functional equivalents. This problem is compounded as different databases and sequence repositories proliferate and the names they assign to functional elements proliferate along with them. Currently, genes can be published under more than one name and one name sometimes refers to unrelated genes.

Standardized gene nomenclature is therefore necessary to facilitate communication between scientists and genomic resources. Moreover, it is important this nomenclature be based on existing nomenclature efforts where possible to truly facilitate studies between different species.

Citing CGNC

To cite the Chicken Gene Nomenclature pease use:

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